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I'm proud to present my own brand, NILE Digitals.


Who AM I?

Hello! My name is Nile Daño, the founder of NILE Digitals — a digital service brand that caters to business owners of all sizes across the globe.
Prior to establishing Nile Digitals, I wore multiple hats as a dynamic business owner, postgraduate student, and thriving freelancer. With a focus on account management, project management, recruitment, social media and email marketing, and administrative duties, I have a proven track record of enhancing businesses’ bottom line by crafting solutions for sales growth.

Drawing from my illustrious background and experience in digital marketing and virtual staffing, I have acquired valuable insights on how to navigate an outsourcing business. Leveraging this, I made the decision to become my own boss and establish my own brand — NILE Digitals.

My goal is to empower businesses such as yours to succeed by providing exceptional digital solutions that yield real, long-term results.  

Overview of Services

NILE Digitals aims to help start-up and small business owners, agencies, and organizations deliver digital services to their target clients. These services include administrative, recruitment, sales, and digital marketing. We do not treat our services simply as a task/assignment given by our clients, instead, but treat them as valuable factors in determining the future success of our client’s business. In short, we think long-term and we care for the direction of our client’s business.

Staffing Services

Are you looking to hire remote staff that add value to your business without paying the unnecessary office cost? We offer various virtual roles: Executive Assistants, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Sales and Customer Service Reps, & many more…

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(Social Media, Email, & Mobile)

Handling your social media accounts and creating email campaigns can cost too much of your time. Focus on growing your business, and let us help you manage your online presence.

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Web Development

Are you a start-up business planning to build your online presence? Establishing a website can be your first step! We'll help you develop your website based on your goals and budget.

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Graphics & Video Editing

Do you have video and graphics projects but can't afford to hire a full-time employee? Our ala-carte services are the best match for you!

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Industries We Work Best

Real Estate

Unlock the potential of your real estate business with our expert staffing solutions!

Online Retail Stores

Boost your online sales and E-commerce game with the help of our talents!

Management Companies

Nowadays, providing memorable guest experience extends to the digital landscape — and we’re the go-to experts for that!

How I Work

My Work Process

1. Discovery Call

Determine client needs

2. Screening

Shorltist candidates suitable for the role. Client will interview shortlisted candidates

3. Agreement

Details of the project, scope of service, and contract

4. Knowledge and Tools Transfer

Training and turnover of materials including credentials for account-specific tools

5. Execution

Start of task implementation

6. Reporting and Evaluation

Reporting of task accomplishments


Satisfied Clients Say

Nile and her team are composed of very talented and skilled individuals. They have helped me manage my businesses in multiple aspects from admin, customer service, and sales to marketing. They are well-versed and creative virtual assistants and they always ensure to put quality output and timely delivery of their projects/tasks. Nile keeps everything in order. She's creative and always proactive in sharing her ideas which she thinks are helpful to my business. She is resourceful and self-reliant. With her and her team's experience and skills, they can help your business become more successful!

Thank you very much! we applaud your honesty and sincerity. Thank you for a nice website

Testimonials From My VAs

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VA Grace
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